Land of Hayracks

Pluskar’s kozolec from Brezovica pri Mirni

Pluskar's kozolec from Brezovica pri Mirni

Pluskar’s kozolec from Brezovica pri Mirni

Pluskar’s kozolec (hayrack) stood on the homestead of the Brajer family, which was known locally as the Pluskars, in the west part of the village Brezovica pri Mirni at house number 15 in the Mirna municipality. It was placed near the barn facing northeast – southwest. The Brajer homestead was a middle-sized one. It boasted around fifteen to eighteen hectares of land: around five hectares of arable land, two hectares of meadows, with the rest of the land covered in woods. Prior to nationalization, the homestead had at most ten head of cattle, pigs, and some workhorses to help with the farm work.

Pluskar’s kozolec was built in the second half of the 19th century and partially renovated in 1956. It was most likely commissioned by the grandfather of sisters Amalija Brajer and Pavla Kastelic, who currently inhabit the homestead. The master carpenter who constructed it is unknown.

Pluskar’s kozolec is a cloaked single stretched kozolec. It was most likely built soon after the farm was established some 200 years ago. Until the mid-1970s, the roof was thatched and the “škumpe” needed for repairs on the roof were prepared by the family. “Škumpe” were later replaced by clay tiles. Used tiles were sufficient for the roofing of the small area which meant that the tiles didn’t need to be bought new.

The kozolec boasts six windows at the “tail” (extension at the end) and another two pairs of windows under the cloak, or jutting roof. It is 34 metres long, 6.7 metres wide, and 5.77 metres tall, and is made of oak and probably spruce wood. The “tail” is supported by six pairs of pillars.